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We join software creators in their journey towards better time to market, improved deployment, and more agility. Our company is a Software Architecture Consulting Practice.

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We won't take the easy way of an out-of-the-box content management system. We will do it a lot more simply -start with "a something" that can be deployed. Deploy. Improve. Repeat.

Journeys we have Joined

Dreamlines GmbH from Germany

Dreamlines is an Online Cruise Operator. We applied the Gateway Pattern to reduce dependencies and allow the company to easily switch payment processors depending on markets and operations, which saves money and improves convenience towards the customer.

Paysbuy Co. Ltd. from Thailand

Every software has an architecture. In some cases it is implicit and not documented. We helped PaySbuy find out and learn about their own existing architecture, and where they would like it to move as a next step, by using the Fishbone Diagram Workshop.

PT Aprisma from Indonesia

As a Banking Software Vendor, Aprisma wanted to improve on their base architecture in order to enable a faster pace for innovation. We helped them set their expectations by using the Fishbone Diagram Workshop, helped them design a new Architecture that uses but does not depend directly on existing parts by applying the Gateway Pattern.

Business Follows srl from Italy

Filezilla is the biggest name in FTP, a carefully crafted client to all varieties of FTP server implementations, which takes into account their users. In order to support new protocols, we helped an organic improvement of the code base by applying modern C++ idioms such as functional.

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